Installation ‘Dromoscopen’

In 2016 I developed the installations ‘De Dromoscopen’. With your head in a Dreamscape you find yourself for a moment in a whole different world. Among the coral reefs in the sea, in the brain of somebody or in a pink fantasy landscape with clouds made of candy floss.

The project was made for Stichting De Loodsen and ‘Bureau Binnenstad’, a department of Rotterdam that is in charge of the vivacity of the city. In the summer and winter of 2016 the installations travelled around the city for around 30 days and gave people from all ages a moment to remember.

There are three whole different world, a sea, a brain and a fantasy landscape. The outside of the Dreamscapes are also all different geometric shapes, build by Fabio Thomaz.

You can find more information on the project ow website: