Illustration games ‘Verzetsmuseum Junior’

For the whole new Junior section of the Resistance Museum in Amsterdam (Verzetsmuseum Junior) I designed and illustrated 4 games and made the opening animation (shown under ‘animation’). The games were made interactive by Yipp, the production design is by Erly Brugmans.

The ‘Verzetsmuseum Junior’ was proclaimed ‘Meest innovatieve uitje’ 2014 and ‘Best Museum’ of 2015. Around 2800 kinderen judges 419 museums that they visited. It was the first time a historical museum was picked as ‘Childproof Museum’. Worth a visit!

In the gallery you find: ‘The Shopping game’, ‘The Identity Card Game’, ‘The Nazi Propaganda Game’, illustrations for ‘The Code Game’ and an overview of a part of the museum. All the games are very nicely put into the interior design.